Summit Snappr


We’re inviting you to help build a massive online community (of awesome people); to enable massive environmental action, to rid the UKs mountains of litter…

So what’s it all about?

Two things;

1. Having spoken with some of the incredible people behind The Three Peak Partnership we discovered not only that over a tonne of litter is picked off just three of the UKs mountains; but also that they thought community spirit and education were lacking in comparison to the pride other nations take over their mountainscapes.

2. Summit Snappr will also act as an unprecedented litter survey across the UKs mountains; so we can identify the major contributing litter items, educate, and take action!

How does it work?

This is the awesome thing, its dead simple and youre not comitted to taking huge amounts of time to litter pick – the idea is many hands make light work!

All you have to do, once you’ve registered, is…

1. Spy some litter whilst out on your hike.

2. Take a clear photo of the offending piece of litter.

3. Pick it! (obviously)

4. Once your back down and have WiFi / data coverage send in your photo to our Facebook Page; we will then categorise and publish on the page!

5. Every photo sent in counts as an entry to our monthly prize draw…so what are you waiting for!

Okay I’m in…what now?

Simply register by filling out the form below; so we can get in touch and send you newsletters, nifty litter reducing tips, and any breaking news we might have to share with you. You’ll receive an official welcome pack too!


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