The Mountain Goats of Instagram

There can never be too much appreciation for mountain goats – well not in our opinion anyway! Seriously, they are the ultimate masters of cliff face climbing and mountain survival….so without further ado…the mountain goats of Instagram…. Oh and scroll down to the bottom to witness the actual winner of The Ground Is Lava! #mountaingoats […]

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From Asia, with Remy – What to expect when backpacking S.E. Asia

while I still can I want to see everything I can. Escape from my comfort zone, looking danger in the eye. I want to measure my self by challenging myself. Understand ones self and push past my limitations. To peek through the cracks.

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As the UK summit season quickly approaches we thought it would be a good idea to talk with our friends over at Three Peaks Partnership to get an understanding of the impacts of the ‘novelty challenges’ that on the one hand bring thousands of people in touch with the U.Ks landscapes, yet can be the plight of the season for others,

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So you want to be an adventure photographer?  Of course you do, why else would you have clicked on this link?! Do you like to travel? Do you like to go on adventures? Do you like to get out of your comfort zone? And, do you have a camera (no matter how old, dusty and battered)? […]

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