Meet the team


It all started back in 2014, we had modest ambitions of “climbing” Mt. Snowdon to raise money for Parkinson’s UK; the trip was a huge success and we managed to raise over £1000 which was awesome.
Little did we know that what started out as a fundraiser event, would turn into a life-passion for the four of us; so here we are four years on and six summits later; currently eyeing up our first + 5000M summit. We hope you enjoy our content and feel free to get in touch on social media.


Mike ‘Stitch’ Wilson

Mike is responsible for videography & photography; and has also taken the lead in organising many of our adventure trips – and for that we’re incredibly grateful. Mike has recently returned from an awe inspiring excursion to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone; you can check it out over on the Film page.


Remy-Leigh McCoy Glendinning

Remy brings an insatiable and infectious thirst for adventure, from soloing S.E. Asia, to sleeping on the streets of Portugal; his wide-eyed childlike appreciation for the world is probably only surpassed by his wide-eyed childlike self-belief..when talking about the potential to fall / slip from a narrow path descending Mt. Toubkal, his reply was;

“….nah…that’s when I’ll reveal my hidden powers, spread my eagle wings, and soar down to the bottom man”.
Eagles aside, we have our suspicions that he is, in-fact, a time-traveller.




David Sewell

David, our very own archetypal hapless hero, from wearing socks as gloves in -6 conditions on the Atlas Mountains, to unpacking our kit at base-camp to find he’s brought a child-size sleeping bag along…overcoming adversity is a more than daily occurrence with David around; which makes him the most resilient, adaptive, and divergent thinker on the team for sure.


Adam Watts

Adam takes a lead on blogging responsibilities, and curates our daily online adventure paper The Daily Adventure. As the genesis and inspiration of our first adventure, and subsequent fundraising, it was a particularly moving experience for Adam to summit Toubkal days after the passing of George Watts, his Grandad. George enjoying telling, and hearing, a decent story; and so Adams blogs are often guided by the conversations, questions, and laughter, that he loved sharing with his Grandad.


So here’s the sign off…go ahead and check us out on the social media, check out our blog posts, check out The Daily Adventure…just check us out!

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