Top Tips for Budding Bloggers

As new kids on the block; we thought it would be a great idea to reach out to the blogging community and ask for some top tips for budding bloggers – just like us!
The more we get involved with blogging, the more we’re realising that behind it all there is an amazing community of like minded people; all bringing their own unique twists, experiences, and specialities to the blogging game.

So here are some of the responses we received by asking, quite simply, what would be the number one tip you would give to someone starting out on their blogging journey?
Also…show some appreciation, visit, comment, and engage  with these awesome people – the one major thing I’ve personally come to learn recently is that the more you give to the blogging world, the more you will get out of it.

Hope you enjoy these tips; and if you have any of your own…please do chuck them down in the comments section!


“Tip 1 write what you want not what you think other want!”


“I blog because I love writing about my missions and to share my experiences of the places I visit with other like-minded people, I have no interest in making money out of it.”


“Blog about things you love, and reach out to other bloggers – It’s much more fun once you get to know people.”


“Be honest and be open in what you write – make it personal.”


“I’d agree with everyone who’s already said blog about what you love. My blog’s very mixed up – I go out rambling in Derbyshire but also to the theatre and gigs, and write about them all!”


“I would say just enjoy it. Blog what you want to blog about, be open to new experiences and meeting new people. Blogging has given me some fab opportunities along the way, but most importantly I’ve made some fabulous friends. Oh and I love that Mountain Goat post by the way. Hilarious. 😆”


“Be different. Find your niche and your voice and make yourself stand. And take pride in everything that you publish…there’s nothing worse than a half hearted poor quality post! Loyalty and followers are built on trust and hard work.”



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