beyondBeanie & Dorks On A Hill 

Today we became official brand ambassadors with beyondBeanie and we’re totally stoked to be in a position to promote them through our social media and elsewhere.

If you’ve never heard of them please do take a second to visit their website beyondbeanie. Not only are their products awesome and unique; the money raised is used for good causes too…win – win! 

1 Bracelet = 1 Dental Care 

1 Beanie = 5 Meals 

1 Bag = 1 Set of School Supplies 

The thought that we might make a difference to the lives of others simply by sharing our adventures with you guys is pretty mindblowing!

If you do go to buy anything from their website feel free to use promo code Dork15 to get 15% off your purchase! 


Doah x 

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